Industrial Fuel Regulation and Saving Device






HIGHPOWER DHP-2, HIGHPOWER DHP-3 and HIGHPOWER DHP-3 SUPER model magnetic fuel regulation systemsare used in our Country's leading Industrial Facilities,Tourism Facilities, Textile Facilities, Ship Transportation and in Cogeneration Facilities and they are important factors for the fuel saving and also in minimizing the damages to the environment given by the chemicals taking place in the gases thrown out from the chimneys.

HIGHPOWER weakens covalent ties of hydro-carbon molecules in the fuel and it creates higher combustion by creating better tie with the oxygen taking place in the combustion chamber. Hydro-carbon molecules with weakened covalent ties shall show positive impact and for this reason, they cause carbon-oxygen ties in more quantities, in other words, they lead to more productive combustion.

In normal conditions, hydro-carbon fuels and air are neutral molecules with negative potential and they push each when they come together in the combustion chamber. This leads to insufficient combustion and emission which means unburned fuel. When the fuel is passed through an external strong magnetic field, it is positively loaded and and for this reason it pulls the air towards it and makes better combustion. Thus, fuel saving and reduced emission are provided.


COMBUSTION OF THE FUEL and provides below stated particularities;

  • Increase performance of heater/furnace/boiler
  • Extends the life of heater/furnace/boiler
  • Reduces environmental pollution considerably
  • High rate of combustion means clean chimney
  • Produces less carbon deposits
  • Because of obtaining better combustion with the same fuel, it provides saving in unit fuel consumption